A Prayer of Comfort


God of unending love and compassion, comfort us as we mourn the death of your servant Linda.  Comfort her family; comfort John, Lisa & Laurie in these days of confusion, grief and sorrow.  God of mercy, Linda’s death leaves an empty space in our lives, as space where there are no words and where numbing quiet holds our breath.  You are a God who promises to fill that space, so Lord make good on that promise.

You promise to hold our tears in your bottle and the keep count of our sleepless tossing, so Lord make good on that promise.  Help us find you-for you are grieved by our sorrow; you are moved by our tears.  God be the peace we need, the peace that passes all understanding, this day, this very moment.

We give thanks for the beautiful ways in which Linda was your servant, making your love known in her hands, in her words, in her beautiful heart.  Linda gave of her very self- for that and for all the ways you revealed your love through Linda, O Lord we are grateful beyond our ability to name.

In our living and in our dying we belong to you.  Give us strength in Christ who lived, died and rose again assuring us of God’s eternal love and life everlasting.  May we find your presence in each other and your Spirit always at work, always confident that you hear our prayer.  Be with us now as we pray the prayer of God’s family…